Additional Services

In addition to our primary services, there's more we can talk about.

Career Coaching

Sometimes we just need to talk things out with someone who’s been there and done that.

Lessen the Weight on Your Heart & Mind

Our career & life coaching service is for folks looking for a fresh perspective on whatever is weighing most on their heart and mind.

*We’re not licensed therapists by any means, but we’ve weathered a few storms ourselves and have learned a few things along the way.

Begin Your Journey to Personal & Professional Growth

Coaching engagements generally consist of weekly or bi-weekly 90-minute conversations with written follow-up for each. Engagement duration depends on how we feel things are going.

Shane Raymond talking to a young business leader in a conference room.

Start-Up Assessment

We love what we're doing, but we're new to running a business.

Identify Opportunity and Community

These targeted consulting engagements focus on assessing the current buyer experience to identify immediate actions that could be taken to drive stronger results and deeper connections with your customers.

Actionable & Impactful Recommendations

This engagement generally consists of up to four 90-minute meetings with research and feedback write-ups in between meetings with a formal proposal of recommendations.

Shane Raymond talking with the owner of Kyros Brewing in Louisville, KY.

Meeting Facilitation

We want to participate in the meeting, not run it.

Hand Over the Whiteboard Marker, We’ll Take it From Here

Meeting facilitation for strategy sessions, issue resolution meetings, or alignment conversations, etc. This allows the team to focus on (what’s important) the conversation at hand.

Proper Prep Makes Perfect

Depending on the meeting’s intent, a planning meeting and recap meeting are scheduled for each facilitated session.

Employees sitting at a conference table while a person facilitates a meeting.

Leadership & Professional Development

Always Learning, Always Growing, Moving Forward

Gear Up, Climb More & Learn More

Topics Include:

  • Management vs Leadership
  • What Your CEO Wants You To Know
  • Leading Without Authority
  • “Priorities” Isn’t a Word

Workshops, Conferences & Symposiums

Leadership and professional development engagements are customized to meet your needs.

Portrait of Shane Raymond with Louisville skyline in the background.
Foreseeable Strategy alternative logo in white.

Every Engagement Begins with a GTKC

No matter the size or scope of engagement, it all begins with what we call a Get to Know Conversation. This 45-minute conversation allows us to get to know each other, get to know your needs and assess ways we may be able to help you—whether that’s working with you directly or referring you to another solution that may be a better fit.

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