Organizational Change Management

Are big changes on the horizon? Is your team ready? Are your customers ready?

PROSCI™ Certified Change Management Practitioner

Prosci’s change management model, ADKAR, is the most widely utilized model out there. The change management certification program provides practitioners with the tools, know-how and support they need to drive successful change going forward.

Change Management Consulting

We’re doing this for a reason, let’s make sure we see the results we’re looking for.

Craft a Winning Plan

Apply proven principles and methodologies to the development and execution of a comprehensive change management plan.

Typical Engagement Structure

We typically engage as a consultant when helping with change management needs.

Our engagements align with the project plan for the initiative we’re change managing for. We generally suggest 4–8 hours per week for the duration of the project or initiative.

Organizational Change Leadership

Change is hard, but it can be manageable and maybe even fun with thoughtful leadership.

Communicate, Collaborate and Commit

Change leadership is the process of leading an organization through significant disruptions, transitions, or other organizational transformations.

We’ll help you be the best change leader you can be.

Typical Engagement Structure

Generally, coaching engagements range from 1–4 two-hour meetings spread across two or three months.

Engagements can include individual or group coaching.

Business executive smiling and listening to Shane Raymond discuss organizational change leadership.

Change Readiness Training

We know things will change. They always do. Let’s be prepared for whatever comes our way.

Workshops and Presentations for Teams

Workshops and presentations for team members, help them understand the stages of change and tactics for working with and through changes.

Typical Engagement Structure

Workshops range from 2–8 hours depending on how deep we decide to go. Presentation and keynotes are generally 1–2 hours.

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Every Engagement Begins with a GTKC

No matter the size or scope of engagement, it all begins with what we call a Get to Know Conversation. This 45-minute conversation allows us to get to know each other, get to know your needs and assess ways we may be able to help you—whether that’s working with you directly or referring you to another solution that may be a better fit.

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