Fill Your Cup Fridays

We work hard on our businesses, home, community and everything else all week long. That can all be wearing and draining. Let’s take a moment to refuel on positivity & encouragement.​

Photo of a full coffee cup and beer glass.

So, what is it?

“Fill Your Cup Friday” is a twist on your typical networking, fellowship or social groups. It’s a chance to get together every other Friday to fill each other up.

Here’s the kicker! It’s only positive talk. We’re only sharing stories and insights that inspire and energize us.

We’ll be starting this in Louisville and see where it goes from there. The initial thinking is morning coffee on the 1 st Friday of the month and meet over a later afternoon beverage of choice on the 3rd Friday.

Interested in learning more and being a part of the inaugural FYCF crew?

If you’d like to learn more about the concept or potentially help get it going let us know!

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