Our Discovery Process

It all Starts with a Conversation

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Step 1: Let’s Talk

The first step in our discovery process is what we lovingly call the Get to Know Conversation, or GTKC for short.

The GTKC is a chance for us to get to know each other, learn about your business and explore how we may be able to help.

If we decide to continue the exploration we’ll move forward with discovery.

Not Just Another Coffee Chat

"The Get to Know Conversation is designed to ensure that either way, value is added and you're moving forward. This isn’t just coffee talk.”
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Our Discovery Process

Our Goal: Provide Thoughtful and ROI-Minded Recommendations

The Foreseeable discovery process is designed to ensure that we truly understand the opportunities and/or obstacles your business is facing before providing recommendations that fit your unique circumstances.


Get to Know Conversation

We learn about you and your business and you learn about us. Together we assess whether or not there’s fit.

45-Minute Conversation

GTKC Recap & Recommendation

If determined that Foreseeable may be able to help, we'll provide a written recap of the GTKC and include an initial, high-level engagement approach.

Via Email

Info & Data Gathering

To ensure we have a solid understanding of the business need we may have follow-up questions which we’ll gather via email or a phone call.

Email or Phone Conversation

Return on Investment

On this call, we’ll talk about ROI and what you hope to see coming out of this engagement.

Phone Conversation

Engagement Proposal

We will provide a written engagement proposal that outlines the key objectives, the scope of the engagement, mutual commitments and fee structure.

Email + Phone Conversation

Engagement Launch

Time to get going. We’ll schedule a kick-off meeting and draft a schedule for the initial, launch, stage of our work together.
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Let's Get Started. Book Your GTKC Today.

Instead of playing availability ping pong, simply schedule an in-person or virtual GTKC via the Calendly links below.

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