Executive Services

Need help strengthening the leadership team or someone to fill a gap?

Whether it’s building leadership skills, addressing misalignment among the leadership team, coaching an Integrator or filling a gap on the leadership team, we can help.

Fractional Executive

Sometimes you just need a little extra horsepower!

Fill Gaps. Add Expertise. Share the Weight.

Fractional or interim COO, CSO, Chief of Staff, or EOS Integrator.

Typical Engagement Structure

Fractional Executive engagements vary greatly but are generally one to two days a week structured around 90-day increments.

Two sets of hands pointing at sheets of paper on a table with spreadsheets and data about the business.

Leadership Coaching & Development

It’s like stretching and strengthening those leadership muscles.

Set a Goal. Set a Plan. Go to the Gym.

Targeted coaching with a focus on identified business challenges or leadership capabilities.

Typical Engagement Structure

Coaching engagements range from 1–4 two-hour meetings per month with written follow-up for each session.

Coaching can be conducted individually or in groups.

Back of a business executive's head while receiving leadership coaching.

EOS Integrator Support

Shane Raymond's hand holding a glass jar of rocks.

Clarify. Simplify. Commit.

Provide guidance for new Integrators or play the Integrator role on an interim basis while an Integrator is identified and onboarded.

Typical Engagement Structure

Interim Integrator engagements are often two days a week. Integrator coaching ranges from 2–4 hours per week.

Badge that says EOS Integrator Masterclass Graduate
Foreseeable Strategy alternative logo in white.

Every Engagement Begins with a GTKC

No matter the size or scope of engagement, it all begins with what we call a Get to Know You Conversation. This 45-minute conversation allows us to get to know each other, your needs and ways we may be able to help you—whether that’s working with you directly or referring you to a trusted partner who may be a better fit.

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